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This tool provides the user with this opportunity to upload a CSV file and visualize it over a 3D Globe. The CSV file must contain, at least, 3 columns. The first column should be "country", the second column should be "year", and the third (and 4th, 5th, ...) should be an indicator or a parameter that the user is intending to visualize.

For example, if the user is trying to see how the population are changing, they can have a CSV file, with country name as first column (field), year at the second, and population as the third. If they want to also have population growth rate they can add it as the forth column, and so on.

This tool visualizes one indicator at the time. If you are interested to visualize two indicator concurrently click here for another tool.

The software imports the CSV file, and provides the user with the option to select the desired indicator (column) and the year and visualize it. The polygons would be colored and have different height based on the value assigned to that country for that (indicator,year) pair value.

Note that for now, all the African countries and those countries that are part of the Feed The Future are supported. I am hopping to add more polygons for other countries.

This tool was developed using CesiumJS, D3JS, and DOJO.

Some sample data sets are available for download. Those sample CSV files could be used as an instruction on how to prepare the input data.