Welcome to my online home page. I am a computational data scientists. I am passionate about using advanced numerical and mathematical algorithms while at the same time paying attention to high-performance computing (such as parallel processing, and using GPGPUs). Today’s businesses and research projects require processing colossal volume of data provided in a non-conforming form. Hence, beside the mathematical knowledge, it is absolutely vital to possess skills in handling large sets of data and developing the numerical algorithms as efficiently as possible to get the most performance out of the available computing power.
As a computational data scientists, I am trained to use various different mathematical algorithms along with different methods of high-performance computing. Although, I have mostly applied these techniques on geospatial or location-based data (including climate data), but I am trained to apply these techniques in any application fields. In the past, I have worked in various application fields ranging from fluid flows, image processing, and computer vision algorithms, to purely studying time series analysis and even genetic data. My skills are quite transferable in many fields.
I am passionate about developing high-performance computing codes and applying various mathematical and machine learning algorithms. I like to learn new technologies and new methods and I am willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn in order to adapt myself with the fast-changing-pace of the technology, industry, and research.
Besides extensive academic experience, I have experienced working in private sector for a software developing company. During that period, I worked on a research project and turned my research into a commercial product that is currently granted a US patent and is being licensed and used by other companies. This was a great experience in turning a research project into a commercial product.
I like working at the frontier of research & development. As much as I like solving purely scientific and research problems, I like working on the engineering aspect of the problem to turn a research into a product. I enjoy working in an environment that I can learn with my teammate and at the same time help them to advance too; I like working in an environment that I can address my insatiable voracity in learning new things, grow during the procedure, and contribute back.